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Sentinel_vUSB_Emulator 2

1. Make new Folder and copy than unzip downloop file
2. Run Sentinel emulator.
3. Dump with Sentinel SuperPro Dumper.
4. rename "dmp" file
5. Stop Service Sentinel Emulator
6. Used Command Prompt
7. How to used f1_nodongle.exe (convert dmp to ssp file)
8. Used UniDMP2Reg.exe by Sataron (convert ssp to reg file)
9. Edit "reg" file with "notepad"

10. Register Reg file
11. Used MultiKey32 for win xp 32bit

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


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the tools is : )

Hi All,
I decided to write this little how-to after spending a lot of time trying to emulate my sentinel dongle. All the programs I used were not written by me and I am very grateful to all great guys here.
I emulated "Sentinel SuperPro"
1. Dump dongle with PVA 3.3 util with out "Brute WP" selected.
2. Solve the DMP file using "f1_nodongle" (10x to cEnginEEr) util, you should get XXXX.SSP file (~100kb).
3. Use "UniDumpToReg" util to convert the SSP to REG. Inside "UniDumpToReg" select your SSP file and then select "SafeKey ssp -> vUSB Sentinel" option and push "GO".
4. Open the REG file in Notepad or any other text editor and make the following changes:




"sntMemory"=hex:3E,0A,55,12,E3,C5,00,00,09,00….. make this comma add and switch up to the end of this cell
5. Run "install.bat" from "vusbus" folder
6. Your comp should found new hardware and install it by it self
7. Import your changed REG in to the REGISTRY
8. Reboot

OMG!!! Very very helpfull!! I just tried it once and it really works Very greatfull to the master...

I don't know why or maybe it is ordinary but sometimes when i reboot my pc I have to reinstall and remove the emulator so i can use it again... but hehe does't matter I'm very happy i can use it.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

3. Emulator by Sentinel 2007

2. Create *.bin to *.dng file
to create bin2dng, convert bin to dng file pls.. do not unplug the dongle from your computer

1. Dongle Dumper

1 Read and Create *.bin file

Dongle Emulator

special thanks to this forum


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A nice release from the crazy guys at EDGE!


_ _____ ______\ _____ _ _____
._/ \\___/._\ \ _/ __/__._/ \\___/
| __/__| \__ \ \\ \ __/___. Living on the EDGE
| _/ : / / _/ / _/ |

RELEASE NAME ..... SoftKey Solutions HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2007
SUPPLIER ......... Team EDGE
********* .......... Team EDGE
PROTECTION ....... RSA-512, RC6, MD5, Custom, Obfuscation.
RELEASE DATE ..... 15/10/2007
SIZE ............. 1 x 5MB
URL ..............



SoftKey Solutions HASP/Hardlock Emulator 2007

Well this release is something special, cEnginEEr and Team EDGE joined
forces to do this one.

This is a very good commercial dongle emulator, but we do really not
like commercial crackers, so we thought it was time to liberate this.

On its own, this emulator is not worth much, so we include HASP3/HASP4/
Hardlock solver that solves to the .dng format utilized by this thing.

This release featured massive work, over several weeks, solving the 512
bits RSA key, debugging the drivers in ring-0, analyzing file formats,
coding tools and making it all work together.

/ Team EDGE signing off...

neoBit company has been working in field of reverse engineering since
1998 and specializes in making software copies of hardware keys.

Dongle is a small electronic device responsible for software
authorization. Neobit works with following dongle brands only:
HASP 3, HASP 4, HASP HL and HardLock by Aladdin Knowledge Systems,
Sentinel SuperPRO/PRO/CPlus/Scribe by Rainbow (now Safe-Net Inc).

There are many disadvantages and threats for dongles:

- Dongle is a piece of hardware which can be lost.

- There's a large market for second hand software and dongles.
That's the reason of great quantity of dongle thefts.

- Fired workers or competitors steals hardware keys making harm
to your business.

- As any electronic device, dongle can die.

Main features of Dongle emulator from neoBit:

- 100% software emulation of HASP3, HASP4, Hardlock FAST E-Y-E,
Rainbow Sentinel SuperPRO, Pro, CPlus, Scribe.

- Highly reliable code tested by thousands customers.

- Transparent for other dongles.

- Single and Unlimited licenses.

- Pro version with advanced license control.

- Easy-to-use user-friendly interface.

- Works under Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003.



1. Unzip, Unrar and run HASPHL2007.exe

2. Make sure you have the latest HASP dongle drivers installed and
the original HASP key connected to a LPT or USB port.

3. Press "INSTALL" button and if installation was successful Driver
status window will be changed to "Status : driver is installed"

4. Now you need to open "Emulator" tab, Then you press "Start Service"
button. If everything is ok you'll see "HASP/HARDLOCK Emulator Service
is running"

5. To find your key it is necessary to start protected software.

6. Open "DUMPER" tab. HASP/HL Dongles window shows logged HASP
passwords. There can be up to 10 different passwords but it
doesn't mean that all dongles are connected to computer.

When you press "DUMP" button Dumper will try to read all of Logged
dongles and save all dump files.

Dump files are stored in folder containing HASPHL2006.exe and have
".DMP" extension.

7. Now run our EDGEHASP.EXE tool, located in the EDGE dir to solve your
dongle dump, if everything is ok it will output a .DNG file.

8. Open "DONGLES" tab and press the "Load dump" button.

9. Enjoy!